1896 Roper Steam Bike, 15: Finished Bike

What's it like to ride? It rides and handles well, remembering the slow steering. The seat is uncomfortable, and the bars hit my (long) legs when I corner, so that's why my knees are so far apart. Acceleration is modest. The brake is virtually useless, especially when you ride through puddles... However, the fun factor is HUGE! It sounds like a little locomotive. Pete has owned all sorts of exotic bikes, and says that his steamer gets the most attention, by far, of any bike he has ever owned.

Dick will finally have his bike, now that everyone else has ridden it! Thank you Dick, for having so much patience.

And thank you Pete, for sharing your knowledge of steam, and being my friend.

* checkout the video > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t93QlgBu4Is ... and thank YOU for stopping by!

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