1896 Roper Steam Bike, 4: The Saddle

The steam engine has arrived, and this is an early mockup of the drive train. There's nothing really you can buy; everything has to be made.

The leather seat top came from the Saddle Shop. It looks a lot like the original, so it was a good start.

Designing and making these bits was a little time consuming...

And this is the finished product. There's no support in the middle, so you sit at the back. The leaf spring was sent out for heat-treating before paint.

This water pump is driven by the eccentric on the left side of the rear wheel. Under the big brass nut, is some "packing".  It's kind of like a small, dark, waxy rope that you coil and press into a small space before the nut squeezes down to force a seal. Quite effective when done properly.

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