The Excelsior Project, 42: Official Excelsior Launch

Startup went very well, with a crowd of about 100 people, plus CBC radio. Watch a video of the startup on UTube:

The motor was pulled apart the following morning. The bores were scored again, so it wasn't a clearance problem. We discovered it was an oil ring problem. The oil ring expander was putting too much pressure on the walls, and scoring the Nikasil. The solution was to shorten the expander (45 bumps instead of 46...) so there was less pressure on the cylinder walls. Future pistons will have a different oil ring. So, new barrels and rings, put it all back together, and use 5/30 oil instead of 10/40. We ran it for a good five minutes, and found the oil pump modifications worked very well. The oil was being scavenged well, with the oil level in the middle of the sight glass, just as planned! Tore the motor down AGAIN, and the bores looked good. Nothing else to modify, so put it all back together again.

Excelsior #001 was officially finished Wednesday, July 11 / 07 at 10:20pm. Pete Gagan picked it up the following morning for its tour to Waseon, Mid-Ohio, and Davenport.

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