The Excelsior Project, 40: Engine is Finished!

Machining some of the linkage parts. The complete linkage turned out to be a LOT of work, easily over one week. Parts are small, and tolerances have to be tight, otherwise you'll have SLOPPY linkage, which is not good! These parts were investment cast by Jeff Willis, and were well made.

Machining the valve cutouts in the piston. Fixture set at 26 degrees in the mill vise, and a carbide fly-cutter is used. Intake clearance is .050" / exhaust is .080".

The bevel drive for the valve gear is designed as a modular unit, and it all comes off like this. It makes assembly and disassembly very easy.

Scale is showing 91 pounds, but take off 3 pounds for the degree wheel, and total engine weight is 88 lbs. Not bad!

Engine is finished, and ready to be installed into the frame.

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