The Excelsior Project, 37: Patterns for Heads

Meanwhile, down in Missiouri, Kevin Holland was working on the heads. He sent me this drawing over the internet, and I could rotate, cross-section, and look at it in other ways as well. Very cool.

I may be the main character in this story, but Kevin is the hero here. A volunteer, someone I had never even met at this stage, he worked his ass off to help me complete this project.  At one point, he was working three CNC machines simultaneously at 3am to get these patterns made. Plus working sixty hours a week at his regular job.

Here's part of the CNC pattern for the front head. Kevin would go home only to mow his lawn and do laundry, then go straight back to the shop.

I don't fully understand this, but it's the parting line for the molds, and the core patterns for the ports.  Kevin said this project was more complex than he had imagined, and that it really stretched his limits as a pattern maker.

This is what it takes to pour front and rear cylinder heads. After it was all done, Kevin went grocery shopping for the first time in three weeks. He'd been living off McDonald's burgers and peanut butter for that time. Like I said, a hero.

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