The Excelsior Project, 36: Cylinder Barrels & Studs

This is the fixture for drilling the cylinder barrel. Drill one end, flip it over, drill the other end.

Cylinder head studs from ARP. Beautifully made, and perfectly straight.

Barrels ready to go go Mongoose Engineering for boring and Nikasil plating.

During this period of time I had been working basically 8am to 8pm six days a week. I left the shop to buy metal and food, and hired a house cleaner and someone to mow my lawns. I used a lot of couriers to deliver and pickup parts from various suppliers. Kevin Holland was still working hard on the patterns for the all-important heads, and I still felt confident that I could have a working engine for Legend of the Motorcycle on May 5. It was a delicate balance ... working so hard, building a bike that was truly a labour of love, and trying not to get stressed out over a self-imposed deadline.

CNC filler caps from Pacific Bending and Machine.

Front rockers for the forks. The grease cups are a standard feature, and a nice touch on this bike.

Checking to see how everything fits. I know my time is running out, so I hired my ex bicycle frame welder to come in and finish welding the tanks, and my ex painter sprayed the tanks and cycle parts. Very few friends stopped by without being put to work in some fashion. I was now working 8am until midnight 6 days a week. Sundays were still reserved for riding my trials bike.

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