The Excelsior Project, 34: Frame Tubes & Forks

The fixture was beefed up dramatically, with much better results.

Slightly different fixture to bore the holes for the frame tubes.

Holding down the front engine casting. It's not always easy trying to figure out the best way of clamping a casting.

The fixture is clamped sideways to drill the engine bolt hole. Note how two C-clamps hold the fixture to the cast angle plate. The fixture is easily rotated 180 degrees to drill the other side. The trick is to join the two holes perfectly in the middle. Note the block and allen screw under the casting to stop it from moving down from the force of the drill.

Things are taking shape. Notice the huge difference in the "rake" or bend of the two forks.  Remember the problems I had in getting the mockup forks to bend? Plus the S-bend for the linkage clearance was too low...  I ended up ordering another batch of blades from Taiwan, moving the S-bend, and paying another mold charge for them to do the raking. They did a wonderful job, and the new blades match the Excelsior originals perfectly. Material is 4130.

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