The Excelsior Project, 33: Frame Update

Back to the frame. The head bearings used on the the mockup bike were a copy of the ball bearing originals, and not very accurate, so all ten production bikes will have Timken tapered roller bearings.

Here is the fixture used to hold all the fork parts together for the brazing process. This truly is the most complex front fork I have ever made, consisting of bent, swaged, tapered and ovalized fork tubes, five castings, plus a leaf spring .

Ten custom 4140 crank sets from Jeff Willis. Jeff looked at this site and saw the hole in the mockup's bike crank casting, and wanted me to tell you that he stands behind his work, and that any casting with a defect will be replaced free of charge.

Frame casting from Robar Foundry. Material is 8620 in a "normalized" state.

Learning to machine the head tube casting. 8620 can be tough to machine, and this wasn't working very well.

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