The Excelsior Project, 29: Casting Engine Parts

Here the patterns are mounted inside boxes, and ready for the sand to be packed in.

A very good casting -- high quality! Note how the fins line up perfectly where the two patterns meet.

I turned my attention to finishing the patterns for the head tube, engine mount, and cam support (lower left). Because they will be cast in steel, I made them 1.021% larger than the actual part, to allow for shrinkage. Now they go to Pacific Pattern for mounting on boards, gating, and other necessary details as required by the foundry.

For the mockup bike, one grip came from Indiana, and the other from Oregon... they were both soft rubber, and they matched!  The folks that operated that company sold it, and the "new" folks have all the equipment, but aren't making any grips...  I can buy grips from  "another" source (below), but they're much more like plastic. In fact, they shine!  The company says they last forever, and I believe them!

These are the engine patterns, made by Pacific Pattern in North Vancouver. I was impressed by the quality -- very nice! The big lump where the mag drive goes is the pattern for the core box. A special sand is packed into the "core box" -- then it is set, or hardened, by exposure to carbon dioxide. The "core" is then removed, and used in conjunction with the "green sand" in the regular mold.

Patterns for the left case, and inside of the RS case. Notice the cast in oil scraper?

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