The Excelsior Project, 28: New Engine Parts

December 6 / 06 ... the snow is piling up, but there's a lot going on inside the shop (the peacock hut is on the right...).

For the first time in almost two years I sense that I have turned a corner in this project. The mock-up crankcases are almost complete, and I have the JE pistons on my workbench. Carrillo rods are ordered, and the flywheels will be shipped tomorrow from Truett and Osborn. Everything is custom. Rims and spokes are also ordered, and I now have a pattern maker in Missouri for the heads and barrels. The pattern maker for the cases is in North Vancouver, and the foundry in Burnaby, all close. Rocker arms are being CNC machined from 4340 HT/SR, which means heat-treated and stress-relieved...  This shop will also machine the crankcase castings, as they have experience with radial 2-stroke motors for ultra-lights. It's a very exciting time!

New piston / old piston. What a difference 85 years can make! The Excelsior piston is made from cast iron and has three compression rings, no oil ring. The JE piston is forged from high grade aluminum, CNC machined, and weighs 321 grams >

New flywheel and old flywheel. The new one arrived from Truett & Osborn. Basically, it's a high quality Sportster flywheel with a stroke of 3.46".  With a bore of 85mm I get 998cc. The sprocket shaft is from a JD Harley, and the pinion shaft will be custom to suit the bevel gear. Balance factor will be 52 percent >

Webbing on the LS case got re-done for the fourth time. It was inspired by a photo of a 1914 Excelsior ball bearing race motor. Only a few of these motors exist, and you won't find any photos of them in any motorcycle book. The owners are very secretive about them, and rarely show them in public. (no pictures please...)  The circle at the bottom of the case is for a "sight glass", like on the Cyclone. The big webs are still a little long and will be shortened 1/4" to the red felt pen marks >

People sometimes come into our lives at exactly the right time. Kevin Holland is one of these people. Pattern maker, motorcycle enthusiast, and needing to be involved in a project. He saw this website and gave me a call. I emailed him a drawing of the cylinder, and this big lump of urethane plastic is about to get a lot smaller >

This is one half of the cylinder pattern. Kevin said he switched on the machine and then went home for the night, at least a couple of times, so a lot of machine hours went into this. The cylinder will be cast with the base up / fins down. The big ring next to the cylinder base is the riser. This should give a very clean casting because all the gas and any debris will go into the riser. After machining all that's needed is a light sanding, then off to the foundry ... thank you Kevin!

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