The Excelsior Project, 23: On The Road

I finished my 1919 OHC Excelsior as a "mock-up bike" and headed for Davenport, Iowa. Bike in van, lots of insurance just in case, and three days to get there. I should have allowed four, because it was 41 hours of driving each way. You cross 2 time zones, and drive through Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and finally Iowa. Round trip was 6860 km, or 4286 miles. I might have been halucinating after all those hours on the road, but I swear there's wild horses out there...

Also saw a guy leading a dinosaur of some kind...

Here I'm leaving the "Badlands" -- it's 5:40 am and time to leave before Ranger Bob gets to his command post. The Badlands are just east of Rapid City, South Dakota, and quite a fantastic place. The wind blew the van around all night, but it was warm >

Driving into the smoke of a forest fire...  Montana and Washington each had their own blazes, and the air quality was not good.

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