The Excelsior Project, 21: Final Assembly

Getting closer. Managed to get the engine into the frame without losing any paint.

I chose grey as the basic color for the bike. Yes, I know grey was a few model years earlier, but the green they used in 1919 is quite pukey and not for me. The factory racers were finished in 1919, but debuted in 1920 when the official color scheme changed to a royal blue with gold pin-striping. You could have a good debate over what the color REALLY should be...

A real Schebler racing carb was obtained at the last minute; thank you Pete Gagan. The mockup bike is done --  I just didn't have time for control linkages, oil and fuel lines.

I now have 1300 hours invested in this project, and the first goal has been achieved. Next milestone is a running motor and a bike on the track!

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