The Excelsior Project, 20: Gas and Oil Tanks

I did a trade with my fried Dan:  A few hours of welding on his project in exchange for a CNC die for the seat logo. I know I got the better deal. For Dan, it was the "job from hell". A full day of programming, with each letter needing its own program because Mastercam (the software) got overloaded and overwhelmed with the details of the pattern. The cutter was only .010" wide... Dan would set up the machine, get it cutting, and then go home for the night, coming back next morning to see the results.

On the left is a standard Excelsior engine bolt. In the middle is a grade 8 bolt, currently available. I cut the head off, machined a 3/8" NF thread, took some 1144 steel, tapped a 3/8" thread, screwed it on the bolt, TIG-welded the end, milled the hex, and domed the end. It's strong, and less work than starting from scratch.

The start of the gas and oil tanks. Material is 18 gauge steel. You can see how the (5) point mounting system works.

Eighteen pieces finished; ready for bead blasting and a quick trip through the paint shop.

The TIG-welding around the head tube area was built up with bondo to emulate a casting.  Future models will have castings...

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