The Excelsior Project, 18: Rockers & Struts

The rear stand was made from ten pieces of steel, and held together with rivets, the kind you hammer, not pop.

Remember these patterns that went off to the foundry?  Well...

... they were used to cast these parts; the rockers and struts for the front fork. Material is 4140 steel. Stock parts are in the foreground. Do you see the red arrow pointing to the crack? Even foundries have bad days. The "riser" (the big lump in the middle...) was too small where it entered the mold, and metal couldn't flow back into the part as it cooled. I can weld it up and use it on the mockup bike, only because it will never get ridden.

A little drill fixture to get the rocker holes in the correct location >

Rockers waiting for the rest of the forks >

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