The Excelsior Project, 12: Camshafts/Towers

The bicycle cranks had to be faced, drilled and tapped for the pedals. It's important the pedals don't attach at strange angles, so a little fixture was made and bolted to the side of the mill table. The cutter you see has two carbide inserts. Material of the cranks is 4140.

This project has taken over my life. I feel like a hermit. My phone has stopped ringing (almost), and hardly anyone stops by. I wake up in the morning and head out to the shop. I haven't worked on anything except the Excelsior for some weeks now. I am living off my line of credit. I made a list of all the things that need to be finished, and estimated the number of days for each. It totaled 29 days. It's now the end of July '06, and I have only 25 working days left before I leave for Davenport, Iowa.

These are the billets for the camshafts. A day's work to draw them up on Autocad and machine from solid 4140 on the lathe.

Start of the cam towers. Material is mild steel with a bit of Tig-welding. They're pretty ugly and sure could use a bit of shaping...

A fixture was made that bolted to the faceplate of the lathe. I can change cam supports and they all end up in the same position. Here the bearing support has been bored to size, and now a parting tool will cut the circlip groove.

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