The Excelsior Project, 5: Rear Hub

The frame is basically finished. Lower bevel drive needs threaded mounts for the tubes, but the magneto is mounted. Check the frame casting just in front of the magneto. The downtube is brazed into it.

Late night photo at the shop. Time to start thinking about a rolling chassis. The fork tubes have been ordered for literally months now. Without patience, a project like this will never happen. In the meantime, I can get to work on the wheels...

To build the rear hub, I started with a chunk of 303 stainless, a couple of sealed bearings, and an original sprocket to get the fit of the spline.

The middle of the stainless was bored out and mounted on a fixture. This would allow me to turn it around and make it easier to work on each end, while keeping the outer dimensions concentric with the bearing bores.

The basic shape of the rear hub is starting to appear. 303 stainless is not the strongest, but it does machine very nicely. If you look at the chips sitting in the lathe bed, you'll see they are all very small and tightly curled. The long, stringy ones are the most dangerous...

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