The Excelsior Project, 2: Fender Bosses

Lathe work is complete, so the bottom gets squared off to match the cases. The cylinder is held on the rotary table while the endmill does its job.

It was time to start on the frame. With a bicycle frame I always start with the front triangle, but a motorcycle frame starts at the back. That's just how it is. In this picture the seatstays are being mitered while being held in a fixture on the mill. A holesaw is used at about 250 rpm.

I cut the dropouts from 1/4" plate in my bandsaw, and milled the slots to 7/16". The rear axle is 1/2", with flats milled to fit the slots. I could have got them CNC'd, but making them by hand gives them a different look, an older look...

The fender bosses have been brazed on, and the axle adjusters are Tig tacked on. The final brazing will happen when the stays are attached.

The tubes are .125" wall DOM (drawn over mandrel) tubing. The ends of the tubes were plugged, welded, machined smooth and radiused on the lathe, before slotting on the mill. I always say that anyone can make a frame; it's just hard to make a good frame.

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