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It wasn't easy to find this 40mm Spaish Amal. It's the biggest one they made, and that was years ago. I had good luck using one on my Aermacchi road racer, so I thought I would try one on the Excelsior race motor >

I worked on the shape of the tank and seat using 1/8" steel welding rods lightly tacked together. This basic outline was then filled in using 1/16" aluminum welding rods and a hot glue gun >

I covered the welding rod framework with masking tape. The rest of the bike was draped in plastic to prevent fibreglas resin from sticking >

This is a couple of layers of fibreglas mat after application. Now I have a structure that has some rigidity as well as form >

Bondo is used to smooth out the fibreglas shape. The bondo is green and the red dabs are putty to fill in the inevitable multitude of pin holes >

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