358 Vintage Road Racer,page 3

The front part of the frame is held in a fixture on the milling machine table, and centred to the spindle with an indicator. Welding will always ovalize a tube, so boring afterwards is important for accuracy. Bearing press fit is .001" >

The lower end of the spine tube is clamped to a face plate on the mill table, to be machined for the sheet metal cap to close the oil tank >

Sheet metal cap is Tig-tacked in place before final welding >

Mockup of the swingarm. I cut up the heaviest Aermacchi swingarm made, machined it on the lathe, hammered it into oversize 4130 tubes, and Tig-welded it together. The white bristol board shows tire outline and position of the pivot tube >

This is the frame jig for the race frame. Everything is bolted together to avoid welding warpage >

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