358 Vintage Road Racer,page 2

The final steps are drilling and tapping the holes and threads for the 5mm allen screws, then slotting in the mill >

The powerplant will be the Excelsior OHC motor. I plan on using high compression pistons, larger carb, tuned exhaust and electronic ignition. All else is stock >

The frame geometry and design was drawn up on an old version of Autocad. Not sophisticated, but it did the job. The large diameter spine doubles as the oil tank. Transmission is pre-unit Triumph. Head angle is 24.5 degrees. The bottom part of the frame didn't end up looking like this >

Here I'm trying to get a sense of what the final design might look like. Visualization is a very good tool. In the background you can see the 1894 Roper Steam Bike >

Front part of the frame. Material is 4130. You can see the heat stain from the Tig-welding. The oil filler cap is directly on top of the oil return line fitting >

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