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The bevel case is getting filled up. On the left is the end of the pressure relief valve (with the circlip), and outside on the right is the fitting for the oil pressure gauge. At the very bottom are the (2) oil pumps, CNC machined from bronze >

After getting a handle on the lubrication system, it was time to go back to the dyno at Cypress. The changes to the ignition timing, exhaust length and jetting were starting to have an effect. We did several runs and got 64 ft/lbs of torque with 61 HP @ 5000 rpm before the cylinder cracked. Redline is 6000 rpm. Dave was impressed! I just had more work to do...

I took this photo a few years ago at a drag event. Here, the flange stayed intact but the studs were pulled right out of the cases. On engines that don't have through studs (going all the way from the cases to the top of the head..), the bottom of the cylinder is always the weakest point >

I switched foundries for the barrels and the heads, to get better quality. Kevin Holland modified the barrel patterns to give a heavier wall thickness and much larger radiuses that could be machined for greater strength. I bought a 3/8" circular insert and made a tool-holder for it >

I found out about a "back spot facing" tool, and ordered one after doing a little Google. You can see the job it does below.. It was the rear cylinder that broke, and the cam support on that cylinder was rubber mounted to the frame. That will be changed to a more rigid system soon >

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