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The autopsy showed it was much more serious. The transmission had been running dry, and there was some damage. I have an old Triumph tranny and the overflow tube was poorly designed, and consequently changed in later models. As you pour in the oil, it can fool you into thinking there was enough, and there was not...

Nikola to the rescue here, thank you very much! I gave the motor teardown #003, and discovered that all the places that were needing oil were getting it.. Good news! Put it all back together again. Meantime, I re-did the exhausts 3" shorter, and reset the ignition with a timing light, and the motor was starting to come alive >

Fourth time at Seattle. First race. 5500 redline. Beat Duncan up to turn 2. Stayed with the leaders for a lap. Second lap I did a 1:56 before I felt my left foot slide on the brake pedal... I looked down and saw oil and pulled off. Apparently, my bike had smoked a LOT for a lap and I wasn't black flagged. I felt bad, but it was done. We slunk home. Motor subjected to teardown #004...

Obviously it was time to figure out the oiling issues. At first I thought the scavenge pump had stopped working, and that's why the cases had filled up and puked out. I mounted the cases in the mill and ran the lubrication system. You can see the pressure gauge and a squirter working below. I discovered several things. Some sections of the oil lines were too small, the pressure was much too high, and scavenging stopped above 5000 rpm...Taking the engine above this limit caused the problem. All scavenge lines were opened up, and the (3) squirters were drilled out to .035"...

To solve the pressure problem, a modified relief valve from a 675 Triumph was used. I could now run it continously at 5-6000 rpm with no cavitation for 15 minutes at a time. The pressure would average 40-45 lbs, and scavnging was very good. The cases never filled up >

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