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Teardown #002 showed the big end of the rods lacking oil, and the clearance a little lacking also. The sprocket bearings needed more oil too. So, the oil squirters got a third hole to aim at the crankpin assembly, and an oil gallery was drilled to lubricate the sprocket shaft bearings. Five different Mukini needles were ordered from Sudco to cure the mid-range richness >

A couple of different generations of exhaust guide oilers. This is what Porsche has on some of its' models. A small hole feeds oil into the middle of the exhaust guide, providing lubrication >

Exhaust guide oilers installed... I had problems making them sturdy enough. The engine would vibrate enough to loosen threads. Also, the rear cylinder always used more oil, so it might get a metering valve one day >

The oil reservoirs are master cylinders from a Gas Gas trials bike >

Third time on the track, this time using 5000 rpm as the redline. It's going OK, but the motor just isn't pulling. It feels like a dog. On the second last lap, there's a lot more noise coming from the motor, but it's hard to tell where from. In the pits, I take apart the clutch, and spin the basket. The bearing is shot! At least, that's what I think >

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