1970 350SS

By Paul Brodie

Fifty bucks and a case of beer. It even sounds like a good story. It came from a friend of a friend, and was never advertised. The bike had been stored in a lumberyard shed in South Vancouver for years, and was very rusted. It was complete except for the air cleaner and chain guard.

It had 5,100 original miles on it; the speedo cable was still intact. Cylinder compression was 150, and not only was the oil level full, it was brand new oil! The engine had never been apart. I was told it was a 1971 250 Sprint, but when I registered it, I learned it was a 1970 350 Sprint.

I restored it over the winter of 1996; it's stock except for the exhaust, leather seat, throttle and levers.

1970 Aermacchi Sprint 350 motorcycle

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