1965 Ala Verde

In 1959 Aermacchi was faced with massive financial losses, primarily from the disappointment of the Chimera. Ing. Alfredo Bianchi, the technical director, was sent back to the drawing board and ordered to make as few changes as possible to keep costs down. In the process of "undressing" the bike, the rear end became conventional with twin shocks - no more monoshock.

The first new models were the 175 Ala Rossa (Red Wing) and the 250 Ala Verde (Green Wing, shown below). The public loved them, and sales skyrocketed. Ing. Bianchi had created a masterpiece with these "naked" bikes. Their success led to the Ala d'Oro (Gold Wing), a true sporting model that would earn its place in motorcycle racing history.

Aermacchi Ala Verde

1965 Ala Verde Replica

by Paul Brodie

My 1965 Ala Verde replica started life as a 65H model. The engine was replaced with a 1971 350, complete with a '73 cylinder head and 5 speed close ratio transmission. I drilled the hubs, installed Ferodo brake linings, stainless steel spokes, Akront flanged alloy rims, and Avon AM20 tires.

The front fender is styled after a '71/72 European 350TV model (check Mick Walker's Aermacchi book, page 56...). I took an older Suzuki front fender and remounted it to 18" Aermacchi fender stays to get the desired look.

I had to redo the tank mounts for the Euro style tank. A stock seat base was cutup, and a fiberglas hump moulded onto the rear, then off to the upholsterer. Check out the swingarm pivot. I removed the stock item, and welded on a beefy new mount. It fits the larger 35mm 350 swingarm, which had the slots closed up to fit the 15mm 250 axle and hub, which is considerably lighter. The sidecase was trimmed to fit the mount. Longer 350 shocks were used. Oh yes, I had to drill that rear sprocket too.

1965 Aermacchi Ala Verde Replica

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