Excelsior #003

Excelsior #003 was purchased by Leon Srhoy, who resides in Australia. He found this website, and made up his mind that the next bike produced would be his.

The same grey paint was used as in #002, but the tank had an extra maroon stripe to compliment the red. It's subtle, but works very well!

#003 was finished September '09. This is the photo we sent out for our '09 Xmas email card >

We weren't sure if we were going to have a startup party for #003... we'd already had parties for #001 and #002, but then Leon phoned in June '09, and announced that he's coming over for the party! I figured that if he's coming all the way from Australia, we're going to have a party. The smart way for Leon to come would be to just hop on a plane, but that would be too easy.... He bought a 1973 Kawasaki Z1 in Florida off Ebay, and had it shipped to his buddy in LA. His buddy took it to a m/c shop where it was worked on, particularly the electrical system. Leon then flew to LA, picked up the bike, and rode up the coast to attend the party. The Kawasaki only broke down twice...

Selling price for #003 was $129,000.

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