Excelsior #002

Excelsior #002 was finished in November '08, and we had another wonderful startup party in celebration of this occasion. The weather was unusually warm for November, and the sun came out. Colors were changed to dark grey with red panels on the tanks. Gold pin-striping too. All brass was nickel plated, and everybody was very pleased with the "Classic" results >

Excelsior #002 was purchased by Geert from Yesterdays in Holland. We met at Davnport in '07 and talked bikes for quite some time, but not Excelsiors. We exchanged emails after that, and, as his interest grew, we began to talk about #002. His partner had a few Broughs, so Geert decided it was only right he had an Excelsior...

Geert took this Hi-Res photo. Note the rear pulley for a brake he wants to install. When I build #008 for myself, it will look like this. #002 selling price was $100,000.

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